Born in London. Studied at Manchester School of Art until 1972, and then an MA at Chelsea School of Art 1973. Winner of Northern Young Contemporaries 1970 and 1971. Has lived in Rossendale since 1969.

Founded Horse + Bamboo Theatre in 1978; was its Artistic Director until 2018, writing, directing, designing and performing in international touring and other productions. From 1979 until 2000 touring theatre with horses and carts throughout the UK and Europe. Winner of several theatre awards. Set up The Boo in 1999, now an arts venue in Rossendale. Since 2013 has worked with the local South Asian-heritage community and artists, as well as managing the Dave Pearson Studio.

“After leaving art college my work moved towards performance and visual theatre. Most of this involved masks, music and puppets. I started writing and directing visual productions, sometimes working on projects for audiences of many thousands, including fire events, directing large-scale productions at Manchester Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, but also intimate small-scale puppet productions. Throughout I’ve continued making theatre sets, puppets and masks. 

“One thing that has been constant throughout my work has been wood and lino-cutting. It started at college; developed into making banners, posters, and booklets for the theatre, and I’ve returned to making woodcut prints for their own sake.”