Drawn To Rawtenstall – Watch This Space

We want to turn Rawtenstall into an outdoor public gallery. Working mainly off Bank Street we want to fill empty walls and interesting side nooks with banners (or other weather durable reproductions) of your art.

Ideally, the artwork will be of Rawtenstall or the surrounding area. The idea is that these banners will encourage people to take a moment to see their local area in a new way. We are, however, open to all styles and interpretations!

We have scouted out some interesting spots already (bricked up doorways, and windows that could frame a piece, empty walls on the side of shops, hanging banners from trees, lamp posts or railings) but we are also open to other suggestions if you have a spot in mind that you’ve always wanted to fill with art. The only caveat is that the space must be in Rawtenstall, and open to the public. 

The idea is that we will reproduce your artwork, onto weather durable, high-quality banners. This is important as we are hoping the “exhibition” will remain in place for several months and will need to endure all the weather of Rossendale. We may produce several banners of the same piece of art to display in different areas/sizes etc.


We are offering a fee of up to £100 per artwork to artists who have something they are happy for us to reproduce in this format. The banner will also credit the artist and have room for either a social media handle or website. We are still confirming how long the banners will be up but we are imagining around 3 months. Once the exhibition has finished we are happy for you to then keep the banner. There may be further opportunities in the future, for these banners to be used in other ways, but we will come back to you to discuss this, and further fees, if those opportunities arise.

How to apply

If you are interested in submitting a piece of art work for the exhibition, we ask that you email Stephie stephie@culturapedia.co with a photo of the piece, or pieces, you’d like to put forward by Friday 22nd April. We have a limited budget for reproductions and we can not guarantee that every piece submitted will make it into the final exhibition, but we will reply to everyone the week commencing Monday 25th April.


Once we have chosen the final pieces we will work with you individually on how best to go about scanning or photographing your pieces for the reproductions.

This is a new style of project for us, and we are very open to working with you on what is the best way to scan/reproduce your art. We are aware that everyone works in different formats, and on different scales and therefore this won’t be an entirely ‘one size fits all’ project.

However, we do ask that when submitting, you confirm that if needed you will be able to drop off your original artwork at the Culturapedia offices in Blackburn, at some point during the week commencing 25th April. We will work with you individually to organise convenient drop-offs and collections. We envision that photographing all the final pieces will take place within two weeks of you dropping the piece off.

I’m sure some of you will have a very specific, larger piece of art you have in mind, and others of you may be thinking about some smaller pieces or sketches you might want to use in different ways. We are very open to chatting to you about how this might work for you! We are keen for you to submit existing work as we don’t have the funds to commission new pieces, and want to ensure your work and time is paid for correctly.

We will be looking to start installing the banners in Rawtenstall during May, and we will keep everyone in the loop of where their finished pieces are, and when they are on display.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, my usual working days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, but it is usually best to email to arrange a phone call, as I am often not at my desk.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing your ideas,


stephie@culturapedia.co (just .co!)

This project is supported and funded by: European Union, Invest in Rossendale, HM Government, Cuturapedia, Rossendale Borough Council