Being involved in the arts all my adult life has given me the opportunity to work collaboratively with other artists and artists groups here and abroad. This has given me the knowledge to actively be involved in the setting up of artist residencies, studios, artist run galleries, collaborative art groups and much more i.e. working outside the gallery structure to create new methods of cultural production and presentation. I have shown work nationally and internationally. My practice over the years has involved live art, installation, sculpture, performance, film and video.

Lately I have concentrated in the medium of the painted image. I paint to resolve aspects of the information I am receiving, to make some sense of the absurd nature of existence that is thrown in our way, especially in the socio-political sphere. Society has created belief systems supported by rituals that reveal a bewildering activity, often self destructive and to the detriment of the collective whole. This inherited absurd behaviour underpins my approach to the work I produce.

Member Valley Artists Studios.

From left to right below: “The Watchers”;  “Tweedle Dum  and Tweedle Dee [dum-dee-dum-dee-dum-dee. They forgot the hamper]”; ”The guardians oversee the selection and presentation of histrionic histories; ”He considered his assets at the offshore bank quitting conference”; ‘There’s something in the garden”; ”Theatre of Nothing” Performance/installation.