I started as a full time artist in 1980 in the village of Littleborough. My work was mostly watercolour based with other media on commission. Being self taught I soon leant how not to do things and started to send work to exhibitions and joined several art societies. I won many awards and prizes during the next twenty years and have continued to push my skills through taking part in national and international exhibitions and website groups. Winning two awards at the Royal Institute in London. This has hoisted me up another notch or two.

I work in watercolour, or Pure Watercolour as they describe it nowadays, meaning that white paint is totally out. This means that if it was paint the medium would be called gouache or body colour. 

I have worked in Oils and Acrylics too on occasion depending on mood. Cityscapes and landscape are my subjects and most things on commission.

From a large studio in Littleborough I moved to Whitworth into the Old Parsonage and my space reduced by about 80 percent. My output has multiplied though and I now have a gallery in Rochdale for the time being. My exhibition for the Art Trail is held in St Bartholomew’s Church, which is next to my studio.

e: geoffbuttart@gmail.com
w: geoffbutterworth.co.uk
fb: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002808787776