Leaving school after ‘A’ Levels, Jacqueline moved into a career as a Colour Separation Artist in the Textile Industry working for Tootal. She took a few years break when she had two children, then returned to work in the same industry in reproduction for wallpapers and textile design.

Jacqueline has always drawn and painted mainly doing commission work. In the past her work was very precise and detailed mainly in single colour for dramatic effect, she was once asked which of her paintings was the most memorable and the reply was: always the latest painting because they are so detailed she knows every nook and cranny. However she has now introduced colour by using pastels, exhibiting in galleries and taking part in exhibitions.

Her main subjects are animals as she loves the different textures, the flow of the fur and capturing the light and life in their eyes. 

fb: Jacqueline Ashworth Art
e: jaydee5258@yahoo.co.uk