I am from Manchester but have been living in the Rossendale Valley for almost 20 years now. I am largely self-taught but have benefitted from the Arts Foundation Course at Manchester Polytechnic and many life drawing classes including Sculpture from Life at Rochdale College. Retired but keeping very busy, splitting my time between tending my allotment and producing art. I love the natural world and have always been fascinated by water, reflections and light which I am constantly struggling to capture in their various forms and moods.
I like to work in a variety of mediums as they all have their special qualities and good points. I work in watercolour, oils, soft and oil pastels, dry point printing and digital photography manipulation. I also enjoy making mosaics, ceramics and sculpture when the opportunity arises.
I am a member of Valley Artists.

e: jpamela684@yahoo.co.uk
fb: Pamela Johnson Artwork