My work is primarily concerned with our relationship to nature and our many brother and sister creatures that live on this earth. We live in times of crisis with over one million plant and animal species threatened with extinction. Every day up to 150 species are lost. We must act now.

I work in a variety of media. Painting sculpture digital textiles ceramics and love learning new ways to make things. I work with a mix of partners in the community and beyond and also illustrate books. I also teach and have a young peoples art group that has been going for 15yrs. I also run an annual lantern parade and have made the Irwell Tapestry along with the community. I have completed many commissions far and wide from Ireland to Iceland.

I’m heavily involved with www.wearetheark which is primarily concerned with preserving habitats and rewilding. We would love you to join us.

in: @smileworldshine
fb: Ruth Evans Art