Scott is a predominantly self-taught artist who moved to Rossendale from North Manchester in 2005. 

He developed a love of drawing as a child, which continued into his teens until a new passion for climbing and mountaineering took priority. This coupled with work meant that there was little time for anything else.

Jump forward 20 years to 2017 and Scott left his Manchester based job in the hope of living a stress free life where he would have more time to spend with his family and revisit his love of drawing. It didn’t take long before Scott landed his ‘dream job’ as a Postman in the area where he lives. Since then Scott has become a prolific sketcher, and also converted a spare room at home into a studio where he can dedicate some of his free time to his artwork. When Scott isn’t painting or delivering mail, he will be with his family or running on the Fells and Mountains.

In the main Scott sketches with a variety of pens and ink, more so when drawing buildings or landscapes. These are usually finished using vibrant watercolour. He finds inspiration for these drawings and paintings while working all over the Rossendale Valley, and has successfully managed to combine his love of drawing with his day job by creating the pseudonym “The Sketching Postman” on Instagram.

Scott also regularly attends Whalley Life Drawing Group where his preferred medium is graphite and charcoal.

in1: @scodler77
in 2: @thesketchingpostman
fb: Scott Sadler Art & Illustrations