Sharon is an established local needle-felt landscape artist, celebrating the ever changing skies and hills of the Pennine regions and local Lancashire scenery, influenced by so many beautiful colours and textures of foliage and fauna through the ever-changing seasons.

Alongside her art she also designs and creates a range of felt accessories including nuno-felted scarves, felt bowl, brooches and book covers.

“In a nutshell, I use wool to make stuff. My starting point is masses of wool tops which has been washed and dyed into a spectrum of different shades. I then use this to ‘paint’ a landscape which I then felt into a piece of fabric onto which I can stitch. (See my images for an example, many more on my website). The same wool tops is used to make my designs of scarves, accessories and gifts. I love the tactile nature of my craft, finding it both relaxing and therapeutic. The manipulation of the fibres to form the shape and texture I desire. I love to experiment with new designs and processes, I have recently started to dye my own wool and silk fibres too. I have a commitment to myself never to make any item identical to another, such making every piece of my work an original.”