The main subject of my work is the nature and the countryside that I experience on a daily basis. I am captured by the wide vistas of the hills and valleys here in Lancashire as well as the smaller landscapes among the grasses and hedgerows of a daily walk. A few leaves or grasses can focus my attention or lead my eye to the view framed beyond. These pieces of nature lead to a reconstruction of those experiences in my work.

The most common responses to my work refer to feelings of calm and delicacy and I think this reflects the emotions I try to convey in the mood of a moorland piece or the translucency of a print on silk.

I like to explore different printing techniques and particularly enjoying the variety of results I can get with monotypes and collagraph prints. I rarely find the patience and attention span to produce an edition of prints and prefer to vary the outcomes by hand finishing in various media. More recently I have started to explore larger scale work whilst maintaining a reflection of the fragility of nature.

I have studio space at Clarke Holme Mill with Valley Artists and enjoy the stimulus of close contact with the other artists in the group. I am happy to be contacted about studio visits to view and discuss my work.

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