Hello! It is nice you are here, I mean on my page. I really hope we will meet shortly face to face and I will have opportunity to see my art in a real live. It’s a completely different experience to stand next to the large format painting and let the colours flow and touch you. It’s different than see a small picture in your laptop or (it’s a nightmare) on the smartphone .

I came to the Rossendale beautiful Valley four years ago. I have gone a long way before I got here. I was born in Poland in small town at the foot of the hills, very similar to Rossendale Valley. In my home town there was a Museum of Folk Architecture where in old, wooden churches I could admire old Russian sacral paintings known as The Icons. It leaved a mark on my art forever.

When I was fourteen I moved to the big town and started my art education in Art College. After the school when I was nineteen I went on a long hitch-hiking trip to the West Europe where I was there first time. Austria, Italy, Spain and France when I painted Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to have money for onward journey. After the trip when in the East Europe communism collapsed I moved to Warsaw and I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. I studied sculpture. I loved to make a massive sculptures. I really would love to get back to it one day in a future.

After Academy I wanted to work with a living picture. The Film. It was that, what I wanted to experience. After Camerimage Film School I spent twenty years in Film and Advertising Industry as a Film Director and Producer. The Commercials also influenced my art. I love POP as a phenomenon, as the style of our times. I love postmodernism as a style of art. I love finding inspiration in things that humans have created. In old artist’s artworks, in modern pop artists in magazines cover, in Instagram pictures.  

And later, as it happens in life, everything has changed. I have made decision to move to the UK. The beginning was hard, I worked as a warehouse worker, as a butcher and later as a photographer and finally I managed to get back to art. Here in Rossendale Valley I found a time and peace and came back to what I love the most and I know the best. To the painting.

So yes, you know a little bit more about me. Hope we will meet shortly and I will have a chance to know something about you or how do you find my work which I am creating for you as well. 

I am really looking forward to see you soon to speak about the art. 

Email: vincent@vincentart.co.uk

Webpage: www.vincentart.co.uk

Etsy Shop www.vincentart.uk

Instagram/FB @vincentveeart