Bob Nancollis 1947-2021

It is extremely sad to report the death of Bob Nancollis. Bob lived in Chorlton, Manchester, but he had a studio at Globe Arts at Tollbooth, Stacksteads. Bob was a highly active supporter of all art events in the Valley, and was a familiar face at the Art Trail since its inception. In fact Bob was one of the founders of the Globe Studio Open Days during the 1990s that created the template for the Art Trail.

Bob’s work is unforgettable, and his highly distinctive style was formed early on in his career, during his student years in the Fine Art Department at Manchester School of Art during the late 1960s.

Bob’s powerful sense of fun, and his quirky good humour and positivity will be much missed by everyone who knew him. Rossendale’s art scene will find him impossible to replace.


  1. Paul Drew

    So sad to hear this. Bob taught me at Accrington Art College and his support and positivity inspired me to go on to become a practicing artist and art teacher. He was a true one off! Godspeed Bob.
    Paul Drew

    • Andy Hewitt

      Told me off for having long hair at Accy College, haha! Taught me all my printmaking Loved his non league footy and a genuine character. He covered for Allison at Fearns when she was having our Celia. Brilliant bloke and he’ll be missed. Andy and Allison.

  2. Andy

    Told me off about having long hair at Accy College, haha! Loved his non league football and true character. Stood in for Allison at Fearns when she was having our Celia. Brilliant bloke he’ll be sadly missed. Andy and Allison.

  3. Howard Aspden

    Bob Nancollis was the most supportive teacher I had who had the ability to cut through the waffle (Art College after all) and floor you with his dry-wit and observations. He noticed things about you that you couldn’t see yourself and treated everyone in the art class (1991-92) as if they were the most important one in the group. Sad news.

  4. Carl Gale

    Thanks Bob. Rest well and give em hell🙏

  5. Neil Gibson

    Bob taught me at Accrington college. His humour and positive spirit will live long in my memory. Thanks Bob

  6. Rob Moore

    I met Bob in 1972 when I taught with him at Accrington College . We had a great time and Bob was a truly unique man who once met was unforgettable . Slight and dapper in those days Bob was really liked by everyone at the art school. His paintings were all innovative , fun and well crafted . They were sometimes naughty and I remember that “Permissive Park Society ” exhibited in the Northern Young Contemporaries show in around 1970 at The Whitworth Art Gallery was very controversial. Bob had some health problems in his later years but maintained his art practice and his staunch support for Witton Albion. I will sorely miss knowing that he is not around now .

  7. Janet Kaiser

    We are shocked to hear of Bob’s death over a year ago. We have several works by Bob, which we acquired when he exhibited at The Chapel of Art in Criccieth, North Wales during the millennium celebrations. He was such an inventive and exuberant man with a genuinely unique take on life which was expressed through his art. I’m sure he is sadly missed in the Northern Art scene.

  8. Steve Rowland

    I knew Bob in the mid 80’s when we travelled on the Manchester-Accrington bus.I had just started a Careers Adviser post and of course Bob worked at Accrington College. The bus route was torturously long and with so few passengers on it was easy to chat to people.Then I got a car and picked Bob up from Chorlton fromStockport en route to Accrington. What a humble down to earth self depreciating and interesting bloke. I learnt so much about art careers and even to this day my knowledge holds. Sad we lost touch but fantastic man RIP Bob

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