I hold an MA in Fine Art from the University of Leeds; multidisciplinary, forms of expression existing between established artforms; additionally, an MA in Archive Intervention from UCLan. Currently I am studying MA Contemporary Ceramics at UCLan; a challenging course that embraces the creative potential of clay and diversity of opportunities. Rooted in ‘making’, the course offers a distinct blend of practice and theory, with the theoretical components underpinning and informing practice. 

My objective for the MA is to further develop and expand my interest in sculptural ceramics which is grounded within an architectural discourse that responds to a minimalist aesthetic. In order to achieve this, I am applying diverse and copious methodologies as a means of enquiry and research. I believe design elements within minimalist architecture convey a message of simplicity. It is this inherent simplicity that encompasses basic geometric forms; a lack of decoration; repetition and recurrence of structure, creating a sense of order that erodes and strips away the unnecessary until the essential quality is revealed and achieved.

I momentarily straddle between two studios, Valley Artists of which I am ‘Chair’, and the Stables Studios based nearer to my home and at ground level, essential for the nature of my current work.

Patricia Ramsden BA (Hons) 1st Class; MA Fine Art; MA Archive Intervention.

e: patriciaramsden@hotmail.co.uk