Forever longing for the glory days of Yuletide past and the Heathen world of mine ancestors … a multidimensional traveller by nature, I currently find myself residing, for the most part, in this physical dimension of yours … here in my dragon prowed longship, forged of mighty Runes and Thaumaturgist musings, I regularly set sail on unknown oceans … and given the choice, will always choose the path less travelled … 

Art and Majik is my life and my life is Art And Majik … for there are no better companions with whom to while away ones incarnation whilst wandering through this great and glorious forest we call life … my sword a moist brush … my shield primed mdf … and the backing track to my adventures, the heartbeat of reality that is Psytrance.

If I am not painting, writing or creating Art is some shape or form, I am either immersed in a world of Ancestral musings, Runes and Seidr … in a festival field full of likeminded wanderers stomping between the worlds to Psytrance … or a combination of the two … ever guided by Odin!!!
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